Whether We Like It Or Not

Yesterday I talked about the fact that there are many people out there who believe that the progression of apps and technology as a whole is not something that is really benefiting society in the long run. There are many reasons for this but I think the main one is that people are becoming lazier as technology is advancing.

We really can’t deny that whether we like it or not, these advances are not going to slow down any time soon.

What If It Was Gone?

mouseHave you ever really stopped and thought about what life would be like if all of a sudden all of these advances we have made simply went away? What if tomorrow there was no internet, no smart phones, and no apps to make our lives easier. Would this really be something that anyone can say that they would want?

Well I am not one of those people and I can’t wait to see how far we are going to be able to take all of this. Does anyone really think that this generation would be ready to handle some of the problems that we face every day without any sort of technological help?

When I worked with my development team, there was a number of occasions where problems where our building would arise and we would immediately be on the phone looking for companies like the one above to come and take care of the problem. You might not think about something like this being the product of technological advancement but this is just because we have gotten so used to having them.

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