What’s Next?

Personally, I cannot wait to see what the future holds for smart phone apps and technology in general. This might be due to the fact that my career sort of depends on it and I have always loved everything with computers but hey, that’s just me.

I Can’t Wait

I think the time will come where people from my generation will be faced with technology that we just cannot grasp and will have to have our kids walk us through it all. I don’t think my parents ever imagined how much we would be using technology in our lives and couldn’t believe what I was showing them to help them with their whole roof ordeal.

So the question is, what is next?

robotBeing the computer nerd that I am, I often sit around and kind of imagine what I think is in store for us in the future. Now that robots are advancing in amazing ways I really do think that they will be the next big thing to have a major impact on society. I know that Japan has already been developing real life mechanical dolls that are capable of having conversations with people and I think that these will become much more common.

We Have To Be Careful

This is where the advancement of technology kind of scares me and I see where people might think that enough is enough. Now I am all for advancement, but I really don’t want to see people losing all contact with each other and depending on robots for any forms of interaction.

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