The Pacific League App

appFor those of you who don’t know, the Pacific League is one of Japan’s 2 professional baseball leagues and it is probably bigger and more popular than you might think. Japan doesn’t necessarily have the reputation for baseball like we obviously do here in America, but it is a close second behind soccer.

The Pacific League App was designed to give fans an amazing experience on their smart phones and provide users easy access to all things Pacific League, loaded with any information they could ever want.

Now that I am no longer affiliated with the team that created the app, I would like to use this page as a way of saying thank you and talk about how amazing apps like this have become and how far technology has been advancing over recent years.

Once smart phones were developed and released, it opened up an entirely new world and it is continuing to evolve with new apps emerging every day. Now pretty much everything you would ever need is at your fingertips and a few pushes away.

Apps started gaining their momentum when games were popular and I think that the majority of people downloaded them for this reason. It was then that companies started to see how convenient and useful apps could really be and the rest is history.

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