lazyAs you can tell by now, I am a huge advocate of smart phone apps and technology as a whole. I can’t help but wonder though, is this really a good thing for society as a whole? Is the convenience of using our phones all of the time really a progression?

I can’t help but see some of what a lot of people think.


The one thing that I cannot deny is that the ease of using these apps and technology as a whole is absolutely making this generation much lazier in general. With everything you need being available right at your fingertips and completely eliminating the need to do any real research or read any books, I think critical thinking skills that we have all been taught to embrace are diminishing.

Think about our parent’s generation and those before them. They were around when computers had not even been invented yet and they were forced to do a lot of their own research and work on certain things whereas now a 12 year old will simply reach into his pocket and do a quick search on the internet.

What no one can deny however, is that with this advancing technology comes medical advances that have saved thousands of lives and will only be getting better along the way.

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