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In addition to some people believing that the increasing use of technology and apps is something that is making people lazy, I have also heard the argument that we are becoming dumber as a society and are too reliant on the internet for our needs. Since I am older and did not have the internet available to me when I was in school, I can’t say from experience whether or not I believe this is true but I do find it hard to believe.

dictionaryAlthough it obviously took more research and critical thinking skills to do our school work or look up any information, I don’t necessarily believe that having all of the information you could ever need in the palm of your hand is a bad thing.

Let’s Look From The Other Angle

Now I might be biased here because of my obvious love of all of this, but in my opinion I think that the way we have everything so accessible can be looked at as a way of making us smarter and more efficient as a society.

Let’s think about the video that I posted yesterday as an example. My development team did not have the slightest idea on how to fix a building or repair anything that went wrong and wouldn’t even know where to begin. Without the internet we would have been forced to either search for someone who did know these things or spend hours doing our own research on how to do it ourselves.

Can anyone really imagine having to resort to doing this again?