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Their Fun!

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So far I have pretty much only covered how much I believe apps help our every day lives and how useful they can be. What I haven’t really touched on yet and what nobody can try to argue is that apps are fun!

nesWho hasn’t been waiting in a doctor’s office or a plane ride and spent hours staring down at their phone trying to make it to the next level of their favorite game? I know I am guilty of this and I really couldn’t imagine not having this available to me. I am sorry, but old magazines that no one cares about just makes the clock move even slower and I would go insane if we had to resort back to stuff like this.

Only Getting Better

I remember when phones first came out and there were the simple games like pong, brick, or snake and even these were amazing for a phone. Now that we have been blessed with smart phones we have a plethora of options for games and you can find something that anyone can enjoy.

Did anyone else out there grow up with Nintendo or Sega and actually miss old school games like these? Well I know I have and now we have the option of having these right in our pockets ready to go at any time.

For other nerds out there, check this link out to see two of Nintendo’s next apps to get you excited.