I have decided to bring this page back as a way of showing my appreciation to a team that was incredible to work with and is an amazing group of people.

My name is Yohei and I am a software developer who has been living in the United States from Japan for the past 5 years. During this time we have all seen how incredible and popular smart phone apps have become. Technology is advancing at an exponential rate and I personally cannot wait to see what the future holds.

For all of the Americans reading this, the Pacific League is one of the two professional baseball leagues that are held in Japan. App development isn’t the only thing we are good at.

So as a man who has always been very passionate and frankly, very good with technology, I wanted to start this back up as a means to talk about what I love most about them and some of the things that I have learned from the Pacific League App.

For more information about the Pacific League, the app, or anything about me you can click here.