Virtual Reality

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Just like the robots I talked about yesterday probably becoming the next big thing to impact our society, I think virtual reality is going to be another thing that will make a big change to our lives. It is already starting to emerge with Google cardboard and Oculus Rift, but I think that there will be more practical uses for it in the future and not just be for fun and games.

A Sort of Virtual Reality

One of the newer apps that I have been playing around with that got my attention is one that allows you to place certain things in pictures to allow you to see how it looks. This is especially handy if you are trying to decide if you want to go through with a certain project of some sort or not.

boxI recently used this app to “virtually” change my back yard around and see what I thought about it. I have been debating whether or not to clear out some old pine trees in my lawn and replace them with something newer and brighter. So instead of taking the risk of not liking my decision, you can upload a picture and add in whatever you are thinking and decide this way which is exactly what I did.

After loving what I saw, I followed my parents footsteps and hired a company found here for tree service Tulsa and showed them exactly what I wanted done to my lawn and trees.

Instead of trying to act like I knew what I was talking about and try to explain what I wanted done, I simply pulled up the app and let it do the explaining for me. They knew exactly what to do and began pruning trees down to make them look like what I pulled up on my phone. Because of this app, I avoided the high tree removal cost because I did not like what I saw and could see exactly how bare and boring my yard was going to look.

So even though I don’t really consider this a form of “virtual reality,” I do think that these sort of virtual simulators is some of the most useful technology that is available to us today and will only be gaining popularity as time goes on.

What’s Next?

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Personally, I cannot wait to see what the future holds for smart phone apps and technology in general. This might be due to the fact that my career sort of depends on it and I have always loved everything with computers but hey, that’s just me.

I Can’t Wait

I think the time will come where people from my generation will be faced with technology that we just cannot grasp and will have to have our kids walk us through it all. I don’t think my parents ever imagined how much we would be using technology in our lives and couldn’t believe what I was showing them to help them with their whole roof ordeal.

So the question is, what is next?

robotBeing the computer nerd that I am, I often sit around and kind of imagine what I think is in store for us in the future. Now that robots are advancing in amazing ways I really do think that they will be the next big thing to have a major impact on society. I know that Japan has already been developing real life mechanical dolls that are capable of having conversations with people and I think that these will become much more common.

We Have To Be Careful

This is where the advancement of technology kind of scares me and I see where people might think that enough is enough. Now I am all for advancement, but I really don’t want to see people losing all contact with each other and depending on robots for any forms of interaction.

A New Generation

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So a few days ago I talked a little bit about my parents being new to this whole technology thing and how amazed they are by all of it. If you missed it, my parents had to have some repair work done to the roof of their house and like myself, my father doesn’t know the first thing about any sort of construction work like this and had no choice but to hire outside professional help to do the work for them.

So what do you do when you are in need of such services like this?

You use your smart phone of course!

Nothing New To Us

Using our smart phone apps or computer is nothing new to people of my generation and most of us couldn’t even imagine not having access to these resources in our every day lives. My parents however are still ranting and raving about some of the apps I showed them that helped find a reputable company around them right on their phones. Some of the apps that are available to us would have been thought to be witch craft if you would have showed them to my parents generation just 20 or so years ago.

Spreading The Word

Coincidentally enough, my aunt and uncle were in somewhat of the same boat as my parents except they are building a new home from scratch and wanted to get a second opinion on some of the work that has been done so far and guess how they did it.

Yup, they used the same app and immediately found the closest roofing company to their house at and were just as amazed as my parents.

I don’t want to make my parents feel ancient so I don’t ask but I really do wonder what they did before all of this was available to us. When they used to have to go to the corner hardware store for everything, now my aunt and uncle can just pop out their phones to look up the price for gaf shingles or a metal roof cost without even leaving their chairs.

I really can’t wait to see what the future holds for this kind of technology.

Doesn’t Have to Make You Lazy!

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I have spent a few posts on here talking about how there are a lot of people out there who believe that the development and advancement of some of the smart phone apps that are out there are making people lazier and not really a good thing for our society as a whole.

Well if you are one of those people or if you missed my story yesterday about my parents roofing situation, this one is for you.

Fitness Apps

fitSo if you aren’t one to take the easy way out for a lot of situations and resort to your smart phone for practical reasons, no one can deny that there are a number of people out there who have taken advantage of these apps in order to stay healthy and start exercising!

I was reading an interesting article at where they gave a bunch of lists of some of the most essential apps to have in different categories (click here for the article if you are curious).

Motivate Yourself!

I was surprised to see that there was a fitness app category because personally, I don’t really use my phone for any sort of health reasons which is something I kind of want to change now. I downloaded a few that they had listed and some of them let you compete against others which is awesome because I am quite a competitive person and this gives me more motivation to get out there and get moving!

Practical Uses

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In addition to apps being incredibly fun with the vast selection of games that are available to their users, they are also very useful in everyday life and I know that various apps have made my life a whole lot easier.

Does this make me lazy? I am going to go with it makes me efficient.

Endless Services

I know that I touched on this a little bit a few days ago in regards to my development team not having the slightest clue on how to do any building repair work and how we really had no choice but to hire outside professionals to take care of our problem for us. Back in the day before technology was so easily accessible, people had a much harder time searching for companies or outside help and apps have made this easier than ever.

pragThey are like me and don’t really know the first thing about doing any home improvement work so they just went straight to the app and did a quick search for a number of different professional companies around them and they were all loaded with reviews to help them find the right one.

With just the click of a button, a roofing Rockford company was on the phone with them and setting up an appointment to come out and fix up their house. My parents generation are especially blown away by how easy these apps are to use and how many of them there are. One minute you are skimming through your favorite old school Nintendo game, the next you can use to search for residential roofing services and you never even have to leave your chair.

Back when I was working with my development team and had our building work done, we didn’t have as many apps available to use so we went with the standard search on the computer to hire a commercial contractor. Not that I am complaining or anything, but the fact that we can do all of this right on our phones these days is just amazing to me.

Their Fun!

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So far I have pretty much only covered how much I believe apps help our every day lives and how useful they can be. What I haven’t really touched on yet and what nobody can try to argue is that apps are fun!

nesWho hasn’t been waiting in a doctor’s office or a plane ride and spent hours staring down at their phone trying to make it to the next level of their favorite game? I know I am guilty of this and I really couldn’t imagine not having this available to me. I am sorry, but old magazines that no one cares about just makes the clock move even slower and I would go insane if we had to resort back to stuff like this.

Only Getting Better

I remember when phones first came out and there were the simple games like pong, brick, or snake and even these were amazing for a phone. Now that we have been blessed with smart phones we have a plethora of options for games and you can find something that anyone can enjoy.

Did anyone else out there grow up with Nintendo or Sega and actually miss old school games like these? Well I know I have and now we have the option of having these right in our pockets ready to go at any time.

For other nerds out there, check this link out to see two of Nintendo’s next apps to get you excited.


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In addition to some people believing that the increasing use of technology and apps is something that is making people lazy, I have also heard the argument that we are becoming dumber as a society and are too reliant on the internet for our needs. Since I am older and did not have the internet available to me when I was in school, I can’t say from experience whether or not I believe this is true but I do find it hard to believe.

dictionaryAlthough it obviously took more research and critical thinking skills to do our school work or look up any information, I don’t necessarily believe that having all of the information you could ever need in the palm of your hand is a bad thing.

Let’s Look From The Other Angle

Now I might be biased here because of my obvious love of all of this, but in my opinion I think that the way we have everything so accessible can be looked at as a way of making us smarter and more efficient as a society.

Let’s think about the video that I posted yesterday as an example. My development team did not have the slightest idea on how to fix a building or repair anything that went wrong and wouldn’t even know where to begin. Without the internet we would have been forced to either search for someone who did know these things or spend hours doing our own research on how to do it ourselves.

Can anyone really imagine having to resort to doing this again?

Whether We Like It Or Not

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Yesterday I talked about the fact that there are many people out there who believe that the progression of apps and technology as a whole is not something that is really benefiting society in the long run. There are many reasons for this but I think the main one is that people are becoming lazier as technology is advancing.

We really can’t deny that whether we like it or not, these advances are not going to slow down any time soon.

What If It Was Gone?

mouseHave you ever really stopped and thought about what life would be like if all of a sudden all of these advances we have made simply went away? What if tomorrow there was no internet, no smart phones, and no apps to make our lives easier. Would this really be something that anyone can say that they would want?

Well I am not one of those people and I can’t wait to see how far we are going to be able to take all of this. Does anyone really think that this generation would be ready to handle some of the problems that we face every day without any sort of technological help?

When I worked with my development team, there was a number of occasions where problems where our building would arise and we would immediately be on the phone looking for companies like the one above to come and take care of the problem. You might not think about something like this being the product of technological advancement but this is just because we have gotten so used to having them.


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lazyAs you can tell by now, I am a huge advocate of smart phone apps and technology as a whole. I can’t help but wonder though, is this really a good thing for society as a whole? Is the convenience of using our phones all of the time really a progression?

I can’t help but see some of what a lot of people think.


The one thing that I cannot deny is that the ease of using these apps and technology as a whole is absolutely making this generation much lazier in general. With everything you need being available right at your fingertips and completely eliminating the need to do any real research or read any books, I think critical thinking skills that we have all been taught to embrace are diminishing.

Think about our parent’s generation and those before them. They were around when computers had not even been invented yet and they were forced to do a lot of their own research and work on certain things whereas now a 12 year old will simply reach into his pocket and do a quick search on the internet.

What no one can deny however, is that with this advancing technology comes medical advances that have saved thousands of lives and will only be getting better along the way.

Life Made Easy

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The way technology is going, I don’t think it will be long before you can plug a cord into your head and download whatever it is you are thinking about right onto your phone.

Who from 15 years ago would ever have thought that you would be able to speak directly into your phone and say whatever you want and have it do whatever it is you are asking. The technology that goes into Siri on iPhones is simply incredible and has opened the door for voice activation apps.

Business or Play

Now that companies and big businesses have caught on to how much people have gotten on board with apps, you can find one for pretty much all of your needs.

I think that most apps were originally made for more “play”than business and this was definitely the case for the Pacific League App, although there are probably a lot of users who consider baseball more of a lifestyle than a game.

Another great thing about them is searching for services and other things that actually improve your way of life. A good friend of mine owns his own roofing business and recently put his business up on multiple service apps that are used to find reputable and local companies for whatever they need. Once his business was up and running on multiple apps, he saw a very noticeable increase in business that he was receiving and he accredits it to these amazing programs.